The Beginning

“Each night when I go to sleep I die. And the next morning when I wake up I am reborn.” (The Great Soul Gandhi)

It is never too late. Every dawn brings a chance for a new beginning.

I will not delay doing the things I ought to do. Time is too little to waste on delays.

I will not mourn the time I have lost. The past is dead. Instead, I shall rise with the sun of this new day and walk the path that leads to enlightenment, to peace.

I shall not live for the present. The present does not exist. I live between the death of the present (the past) and the dawn of the future. It is my future about which I am most concerned.

Soon I will sit cross legged on my balcony; it looks sunrise dead in the eyes. I will greet the sun as she stains the sky a soft gold and I shall commune with my creator.

I feel him seep into my soul when I open my senses to the very sun, air, sky which he created for me. These things have not changed; never since they were painted by his hand.

Peace is not hard to find. Courage, vision and faith are heavily invested in any beginning.

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