Panty Vendor…Think about it

It’s a hot day here in Georgetown, Guyana. I’m sitting on my ass, legs crossed, staring at this screen and sweating my life away. The coconut and mango trees outside my window are too still and all this stillness is giving me waaaaaaaaay too much time to think.

In my wonderings, I realised that I would have been making more money once upon a time if I’d just sold panties and boxers at Stabroek Market. I was talking to a long time friend the other day and would you believe that on a bad day she hauls in over 20 grand in profit?

When I heard that I immediately felt retarded. Imagine, once upon a time I used to slave night and day and all I made was just over 2 grand every day. Imagine that!

So to all the UG graduates who can’t find a job or who have found a job but can’t survive on their salaries, here’s some free advice, go to Stabroek Market and sell your panties and boxers! You bound to make a neat profit. At least consider it as a part-time job. I am!

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