Beauty? At UG? Huh?

How strange it is that man on earth should roam,

And lead a life of woe…(John Keats)

For many of us at the University of Guyana finals have started and so have the rains it seems. Yesterday I looked on, a bit amused, as people hurried through the heavy downpour. Those of you who’ve never been to our university when it rains will probably be alarmed to see the rate at which water accumulates on the lawns. In literally minutes mother nature manages to create several ponds on our campus and a great, grand and beautiful lake replaces the “ball-field” in front.

Once, last semester, I sat looking at these ponds just outside the stables and the Education and Humanities office building. At nights, when the still water reflects the shimmering lights along the catwalk it creates a strangely beautiful picture. Even when the wind brushes her hand gently across the still surface, creating those small rippling motions which have always fascinated me, it’s still almost beautiful.

Even with the stench of decay all around us, even with the background music of our crumbling standards, even with the absence of good will and faith there is still beauty all around us. Beauty does not die; it does not fade but it waits to be seen.


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