Shut the hell up and just apologise!

All my life I’ve waited for apologies. When my friend broke my favourite sharpener in a fit of anger I waited for him to apologise. When my best friend stopped talking to me in high school because I was not cool enough I waited for her to apologise. When I had my heart-broken (the first time) I waited for the universe to apologise. I forgot about those apologies though because they didn’t really matter.

Sadly, I grew into the sort of twit who’s always apologising to someone. I’m either apologising for snapping at them or stepping on their toe. Just this morning I had to apologise for walking smack into this dude. I really should try to look at where I’m walking. Tonight I even apologised to my cat because I ate the last bite of my bread without sharing it with her.

Regardless of how inconsequential apologies may seem, they are really very important things. Sometimes without quite meaning to we hurt the people we love most in the world. But instead of saying sorry we allow ourselves to joke about it. When you know you’ve done something horribly wrong, don’t even try to explain it away, don’t even attempt to open your mouth because you’ll just end up putting your damn foot in it. So shut the hell up and just apologise!

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