Counting Sundays

I have been alive for just over 1000 Sundays. The thing is, I am not so sure how many of those Sundays I have spent doing something useful. But then again, it’s hard to really define “useful”.

This is something you should consider as well. How many Sundays will you possibly live for and are you using them well?  A while ago I realised that if I am lucky enough to live to the age of 70 then I will have approximately 3,640 Sundays to be alive. When you measure your time in terms of Sundays it is shocking just how limited it is.

So if I live to 70 then I have just over 25,000 days of life. Do you see where I’m going with this? There was a time when I thought I had millions of days to be alive. But imagine, all I have is a few thousand days.

I have been alive for just over 8,000 days. Imagine that! A whole 8,000 days have gone by and I cannot really tell you what I have done with them. Almost one-third of my life has just slipped by without me ever noticing it until now.

How do I deal with this problem? Simple. I will have to make the best of every day I have and not allow myself to slip into the motion of just going through life. I suggest you do the same. Make every day count, from Sunday to Sunday.


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