My Banking Woes (Part 1)

For the last week I’ve been trying not to waste my time. But it seems like the harder I try to be productive, the harder it is to get anything done with the resources available in dear old Guyana. These days banking woes are the bane of my existence.

I’ve been trying to set up an account which I can use to get paid for my online gig (yes, I work online these days, I have an office phobia, but more on that later). However, every bank I’ve tackled doesn’t seem to know about an “electronic funds transfer”.

The result? I’ve been working for weeks and my money is stuck in PayPal with no way to transfer it to my local account. If you don’t think this deserves a good fit of bitching then you probably work at one of the banks.

I’ll be writing about the entire experience soon so you poor Guyanese will know what you’re in for when you get the sort of ideas I do.

Sharing a quick moment with you while I’m on the go.

2 thoughts on “My Banking Woes (Part 1)

  1. EFT is nothing new to the banks here, Republic & Scotia are the most direct, whereas the smaller banks use a USA based financial institution to act as go between. They all suck at customer service – imagine we trust them with our life savings & they tie down the cheap pens at their service counters 😦

    1. I’m surprised to hear that EFT isn’t new to the Guyanese banks because the customer reps I’ve dealt with, with the exception of Scotia, seemed clueless. They were nice but clueless. I found a possible solution. Will be blogging about it shortly.

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