How to open a PayPal account in Guyana

As promised, I’m going to go through the process of setting up a PayPal account in Guyana. Now while such things should be fairly simple, you really can’t count on simplicity in dear, dear Guyana.

Step 1

I’ll assume (that like me) you have a fear of being robbed blind. So in the interest of added security you’ll need to go to one of our lovely banks and open a savings account. Why? You’ll need that lovely card that comes with the account. Now if the banks were girls, then Republic would be the slutty one. Just take your ID (including proof of address), the minimum of $5,600 and that’s all you need to open the account. Republic is that easy to get into. Other banks may ask for proof of employment and a minimum income of $40,000. With minimum wage at $35,000 I’m surprised so many of us can shop online.

Step 2

When you get your shiny new Republic One Card you’re all set to visit Follow the instructions there. You’ll be asked to enter your card number. Please enter the 16 digit number in front the card (you’d be surprised at how many people don’t know this). At the back of the card there’s an additional three numbers you have to uncover. Those will be requested for further security. PayPal will then deduct US$1.95 from your account for verification processes.

Step 3

When you complete that process, PayPal will ask that you check your bank statement for a 4-digit transaction code. You need this code to verify the account. Sigh. Now I would’ve told you to get online banking but then I’d have to say how and well this isn’t an article about that. So in order to get that code go to a Republic bank near you and tell a pretty customer rep what you want. After that, you’re all done. Take the code and verify your account.

The Downside

Now don’t get excited. You won’t be able to link your PayPal account to your bank account. You won’t be able to withdraw money to your card and you won’t be able have the funds electronically transferred to you. All your PayPal account is good for is spending your hard earned money online.

If you lived somewhere else, you’d be able to work online, get paid through PayPal and then withdraw the money to your bank account. Sadly, you and I live here. So we have to wait until PayPal and our banks move to the next level of their relationships.

If you’ve got a question just drop a comment and I’ll get to you asap. Good luck!

Sharing a quick moment with you while I’m on the go.

59 thoughts on “How to open a PayPal account in Guyana

  1. From my experience its better to use the visa travel money republic card since its prepaid and you would have better security with that..just saying.

    1. Thanks for the advice. The problem with using Travel Money is that I can’t use that to process incoming payments.

      1. my problem is signing up i’m stuck at the second tab of signing up i fill in my first and last names, street address, city, zip code (05926), number but what State do i put since i dont live in the USA and all the options are USA.

    2. This posting is BULLSHIT. all the guyanese who are shopping on EBay and Amazon are using USA addresses in Miami, then the goods is shipped from Miami USA to Guyana. It is impossible to have a eBay or Amazon account in Guyana. Guyana is backwards. Guyana sti have not establish zip codes and statehood. Guyana is still in colony ownership. Slaves(guyanese) can not deal with banks on businessman and over sea merchant. Don’t be fool by guyanese about establishing eBay and Amazon account in Guyana. Your account must be register in the USA, no if and or buts. Guyanese will truly misinform you just so you loose. The Guyanese diseases.

  2. This is the problem. It’s so sad that all we can do is shop online. I work online and when I get paid, there is no way to directly send the funds home. Instead, I have to invent another way. It’s sad. Why are we always left behind?

    1. Anonymous, it allows you to link and confirm your card but all transactions are outgoing and not incoming. You will be able to spend your money but you can’t receive money to your account through paypal.

      1. Hello sara! ive been planning to work online since online jobs i see is the going thing in hard guyana right now
        I just wanna know if i get a paypal account if ill be able to receive moneY an be able to draw?

      2. Hey. So sorry it took me this long to respond. I hope you figured it out by now. If your PayPal account is linked to a Guyana card, you will only be able to make payments from it and NOT receive.

    1. How do you enter zip code information for the PayPal account when a town or no near by city has no zip code?.

      1. Its your country code for calls (3 digits) followed by your region (2 digits). So if you are in region 4 (04) in Guyana (592), then the the Zip is 59204.

  3. that is bullshit i was goin to buy this software onllline to do this job online but now ur telling me i wouldnt be able to get paid so is there any other way i can withraw money from paypal to my bank card

    1. Hi Kelvyn, sorry it’s taken me so long to reply. You can use Payoneer. Google it. Easy to find and apply for and you can use it at local ATMs.

  4. I have tried Payoneer and I didn’t get through….the just told me my request has been declined then my account was blocked and I emailed customer care and never got a really sucks.

  5. Hi Sara – are things still the same with PayPal and Guyanese banks? I currently work online and I’m paid via PayPal and will be moving to Guyana soon. Any advice?

    1. Hi Allison, as far as I know things are still the same. Scotia Guyana has great customer service, check out their website and drop them a message asking if they’ve upgraded to the point where you can receive payments via a PayPal account linked to a Scotia Guyana account. Let me know how it goes.

      1. I just fired off an e-mail to Scotia Guyana. I’ll let you know what they say. Thanks 🙂

  6. Hey guys good morning
    Is there any updates as how we can receive payments from PayPal.
    I know Payoneer is one but I can’t activate my card as it got no funds on it.
    Any ideas as how I can get funds on my card to activate it?
    Need help

  7. I never heard back from Scotia Bank Guyana and on the PayPal website Guyana is still not on the list of countries. Hopefully that will change soon.
    I’m not sure about Payoneer. My employer only uses PayPal.


  8. Hi so I’ve already apply for my payoneer card, i have to wait for now. Can you tell me which atm in Georgetown is best to used the card?

    1. Hi Leeana, I never activated my Payoneer card but I still have it. An acquaintance of mine used Scotia Bank. I would advise you to contact the local banks first and ask them about their banking policies in relation to Payoneer.

  9. There is another site that might solve all those who wish to receive money instead of just being able to send only.
    Check out :
    I never used them but I am thinking about it. Go there and check them out. Remember always do thorough research first before signing up with any site.

    1. Hi Raj, I know you’ve probably tried and I’d appreciate it if you shared the experience. If the Demerara card is linked to an international company like Visa or Master Card then you should be able to use it to make payments via your Paypal account. However, due to a country block, you will not be abl to receive payments via your account.

  10. Hi, 1) is it a must to link your republic bank card to PayPal account? 2.if you get paid through bank could you still withdraw your salary ? 3 can you deposit cash to PayPal if u need to shop online and what are the different ways you can?

    1. Hi Kim, 1) one of the steps in creating your paypal account is linking it to an existing debit or credit card. So yes, you’ll need to link your card to the account. 2)If you get paid via the bank, you’ll still be able to withdraw your salary. Your bank account remains your own, functions as it normally does and is not affected by the Paypal link. 3)When you link your card to the paypal account, you’re linking all the funds available in the bank account to the paypal account and this is where money is deducted from when you make a payment. There is no other way to add money to your account that I am aware of and of course this is applicable to the Guyana case.

  11. Thank you for the information here, as at 4th April,2016, it is still the same? Can we now receive payments through PayPal in Guyana?

    I am thinking about applying for an online job, however a requirement is a paypal account for me to receive my payments.

    1. Hi Riya, unfortunately, we still cannot receive payments via paypal in Guyana. There is a still a country block. I find it very unfair that we can use Paypal to send Guyanese dollars out to other economies and we cannot use it to bring money into our own.

  12. It’s not unfair, Paypal is basically an online bank. Therefore it has to confirm every single transfer from origin to recipient. Guyana is currently on its blacklist due to money laundering concerns among other things.

  13. Is it possible to receive payments now through paypal? Was checking my account and i noticed that it may be possible..

    1. Hi Vanesha. So sorry it’s taken me this long to get back to you. Last I checked we’re still not able to receive money. However, I know that my buddy Rosh Khan and few other young Guyanese entrepreneurs were making some moves to solve this. I’ll check up on it and let you know over the weekend.

  14. Hi sarabharrat im Exidos dancehall recording artiste i would like to sell my songs online but you have conform that i cannot withdraw from my paypal so is there any advise on any other a/c i:e available in guyana?

    1. Hey Exidos. Respect for getting your art out there. As far as I know PayPal is still a no go for us, a very long time ago I tried Payoneer but I’m no longer sure how that works. I promised Vanesha to do some research. I’ll see what else I can find and hit you up early next week.

    1. Hi Tariq, sorry it took forever to get back to you. The Kaieteur Classic as far as I’m aware doesn’t work for online purchases. You need to get the GBTI visa version of the card for those. Demerara Bank has a really good Visa card, great rates.

  15. HEY guys is it still not working? I’ve received $50USD online from a person I did work for and I’m unable to claim the money.

    1. Hope you figured out how to claim the money. As far as I know, receiving online payment via PayPal doesn’t work if the account is connect to a Guyana card.

  16. Hi there is any way to obtain the PayPal code banking online? Or the only possible way to obtain this code its going personally to the bank? Thanks.

  17. I am fifteen and now I know about the hold PayPal thing not working but is there a way to buy with visa bank card let me know when you find out thank

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