My Banking Woes (Part 2) –

It’s a lazy day here in Craig, Guyana and I feel a little better about my banking woes. And no, before you even think it, I don’t feel better because my woes have ended. Rather, I’ve discovered

Perhaps, I should get my friend Kester Clarke a cake if Payoneer works for me. I’ll have to review it later for you (after I’ve completed the application process and I’ve ensured that it works). Basically, Payoneer is supposed to mail me a Mastercard that I can use to withdraw funds from my PayPal account. After that, I just stick said card into an ATM right here in Guyana and finally I’ll get my hard earned money.

I’ll also write a “How to” article for you later today about getting your own PayPal account here in Guyana. Of course, many of you probably have one but I’ll have to tell you the downside and it isn’t even PayPal’s fault!

I’m sipping coffee as I write this and I’m trying to explain my banking issues to Nani. Here’s how our conversation is going so far:

Me: I won’t get my Payoneer card until the end of next month probably.

Nani: I don’t understand these things. Internet doesn’t make anything easier.

Me: It’s the banking services here…

Nani: You should relax.

Me: No, I shoulda made brooms to sell like I told you.

Nani: You’re right. You would have money now. Come look some spending money.

Me: No, no, I’m good.

Nani: You always good. You walking to Georgetown today?

Me: No. But I got savings.

Nani: I have all my teeth. Look.

Sharing a quick moment with you while I’m on the go.

6 thoughts on “My Banking Woes (Part 2) –

  1. Hey Sara,
    I’ve been following up your article and I wonder if the payoneer MasterCard works?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Raj, I got it to work a few years ago but it wasn’t very profitable. The payoneer charges ate up the money.

  2. policies of banks guyana allow withdraw dollars from paypal or payonner ??? I hope your answer thanks

  3. Hi guys I’ve been using Payoneer for more than 4 years now and I must say it is profitable If you buy and shop with it mostly online. Another way I’ve discovered 7 years back is Skrill. Skrill offers the cheapest wire transfer rate into your Republic Bank account or any local bank that supports wire transfer. Plus you can load your Payoneer Card from Skrill as well with just a little charge.

    The downside of Guyana is that you can only your Payoneer Master card at Scotia Bank location. I’ve tried in Republic Banks and the rest of the Banks but it didn’t worked.

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