Nani gave me a bird…

Yesterday, I was in the middle of sorting through some dusty letters from the early 1900s when Nani called out to me. If you don’t have a Nani to do awesome stuff like this, you can share mine.

What did she want? She gave me a pigeon! Imagine that! She found him in our backyard. Now, Nani is just over 4 feet and she’s very plump and has hair that swings in a braid to her waist. She was so adorable standing there with injured bird in hand.

The bird was a handful. He tried to walk out on me with his one-winged self. When I went to fetch him back he didn’t even protest. He’s currently liming with my chickens until he’s better.

Thanks to Nani for getting me a new friend!

Sharing a quick moment with you while I’m on the go.

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