GPL Blackouts – How to Avoid Burning Your House to the Ground

For my friend Solomon

With the second decade of the 21st century fast approaching, Guyana will (more now than ever) become the land of blackouts. It has a certain ring to it. I can see the new tourism pitch:

Visit Guyana, the land of blackouts, for the scariest Halloween vacation yet!

I hope THAG capitalises on this. I’m willing to work with them on the idea. Anyways, my friend Solomon is directing 17 hours of hate at GPL (Guyana Power and Light company). Why? Well, the blackouts bring an increased risk of fires. As if we need more Guyanese homeless.

Now before I proceed to give the tips on how to avoid burning your house to the ground, I should also address another matter. The budget cuts are being blamed for the blackouts. Allow me to say that I think this is sk….well doubt I need to spell it out.


(1) Get a generator. Initial investment may seem like too much but GPL always using their crystal ball to charge you anyhow. Trust me, it’s cheaper.

(2) Get solar power. Again, initial investment seems steep but this is an environmentally friendly option. Plus, you can be sure that the sun will rise in the east daily. What more than that you want?

(3) Pray that the hydro-power project gets completed soon. (Recommended for those of faith)

(4) Pretend it’s against your religion to use electricity. Kick GPL to the curb.

(5) Migrate. No need to explain this.

I hope you see where this is leading. In the age of the black outs, those really are the only fool-proof methods to avoid burning your house to the ground.

All for your information. Good luck.

Sharing a quick moment with you while I’m on the go.

3 thoughts on “GPL Blackouts – How to Avoid Burning Your House to the Ground

  1. Interesting suggestions my dear Sara. I think option 5 is best for everyone. How in the world do certain businesses operate in Guyana with so much blackout?

    1. Some have generators, some fret, some steal electricity when they can, all kinds of things.

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