Coconut Choka!

Roasting the halves of a dried coconut.

Roasting the halves of a dried coconut.

Nani always tells me that the people from her generation are still alive because of the natural, healthy foods they grew up eating.

As a child, I hated brown rice with a passion but if it came with some dhal and coconut choka then I’d eat it no complaints. In fact, this morning nani and I decided to make some coconut choka for a visiting aunt.

The smell of roasted coconut floated through the house and reminded us all of a Craig Village that’s dead.

Right now, nani is taking the sill from the cupboard so I’ve got to go lend my muscles to grinding the choka. I don’t remember the last time we used a sill to grind anything. These days it’s blenders and food processors.

So if you haven’t had any coconut choka in a while. Think about making some the old fashioned way. It’s like nani says, eating well and healthy takes a little effort but is well worth it.

Nani poking the coconuts.

Nani poking the coconuts.

Sharing a quick moment with you while I’m on the go.

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