Darwin’s Theory of Sexual Selection

Snapshot of my screen

Snapshot of my screen

Sweat slides steadily down my back as I sit cross legged on my hot, hot sheets. It’s a sweltering afternoon here at Craig Old Road and I’m neck deep in notes on Darwin’s Theory of Sexual Selection.

Just when I’m thinking my afternoon can’t get any hotter GPL blesses me with blackout. Ah yes, life in the country. Anyway, what am I doing eye balling Darwin’s theory?

Well, it all started with a story I read a while ago. A Russian man in his early 20s was attacked and murdered in the most brutal fashion. Beer bottles were shoved up his anus and a 20kg rock dropped on his head. Can you guess why?

He was attacked because of his sexuality. My vocabulary is not extensive enough to find a word which reflects just how terrible homophobia is.

And so, here I am doing some research starting with dear old Darwin. I’m trying to wrap my head around some facts before I really get started on my condemnation of homophobia.

Sharing a quick moment with you while I’m on the go.

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