How will this affect drainage?

Bridge building in progress

Bridge building in progress

Decades before my birth, a black water trench flowed along the southern side of the Craig Sideline Dam. It met the needs of the village until its koker was condemned and the trench swiftly choked until death.

Drainage has not been the same in Craig since. Of course this condemned trench is not the only factor to be blamed for the village’s flooding but it plays its own part.

Earlier this week, the wooden bridge which led over the trench to Craig Old Road was dismantled. The construction of a new bridge is underway but already issues are arising.

During an afternoon stroll with my mother I noticed that workers had sand filled the area in preparing for the construction of the new bridge. Narrow twin culverts were in place beneath the sand and seem to be the only provisions that will be made for the flow of water beneath this new structure.

To make matters worse, some of my fellow villagers insist on polluting the area. Apparently, they can’t afford to pay GY$300 for garbage disposal weekly and they don’t make an effort to at least bury or burn their garbage.

So, what will happen to Craig the next time there’s heavy rainfall? Let’s wait and see.

The twin culverts which are supposed to provide adequate drainage.

The twin culverts which are supposed to provide adequate drainage.

Sharing a quick moment with you while I’m on the go.

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