An Open Letter – Blame Me

Dear Fellow Country Men and Women:

The sun rose this morning, didn’t it? Life is always happening, isn’t it? We’re all stuck in the same shitty place, aren’t we?

So you don’t trust the police? And you’re certain that the politicians (from government to opposition) are to be blamed for the state of the country? But, even more than this, you’re very certain that the woes of your existence are someone else’s fault?

You always feel better when you have someone to blame? Well, hear this, how about you take me, yes me, one Sara Bharrat, and make me the object of blame? So you know all ah dem blackouts? Blame me. And all ah dem robberies and murders? Blame me. Oh, and all ah dem man beating they wife? Blame me man.

Na worry, I’m certain it’s my fault. You know why? Because I sit in my safe house and I don’t question the people who ought to be questioned. I also take hours staring at the sky and I don’t get involved in community development. And of course, when some man beating he wife I does watch dem two and continue sipping meh cold, cold Banks beer.

Oh wait, you want somebody to blame for the garbage in front yuh yard? Or de pothole that brukin’ up you cyar? Well, yes man, blame me for that too ’cause I ain’t able clean um and full um.

Now that we’ve established that none of it is your fault, you feel better right? Well, the sun did rise this morning, life is happening as we speak, but we’re not all in the same shitty place.

Yours very, very sincerely,
Sara Bharrat.

Sharing a quick moment with you while I’m on the go.

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