On Indianness and the PPP Trolls that prowl social media

While I despise the use of an ethnic tag before my nationality, I do not deny my Indian heritage. I do not deny that my great great grandfather Anganou came to British Guiana, broke his back on a sugar plantation and perhaps died at peace in a foreign land that is now home to me. I embrace my heritage, I understand that it is part of who I am and I do not treat it unjustly by making a costume of my Indianness.

I do not forsake my Guyanese identity for an Indian mask. I do not need a mask because my soul has long seized to be a displaced thing. I do not need a mask because I am not torn between allegiance to mystical India and Guyana. I do not need a mask because I am not loyal to any tribe but to a country, a nation, a single people.

It is for this reason that I am deeply disturbed when someone says to me: “I am sure you have some trace of Indian ancestry”. The meaning is clear. I cannot be purely Indian because “pure” Indians do not point out the skullduggery that takes place under a PPP led government; a government that has become the icon of Indian power.

It is with great regret (I say regret because the tribe will feel betrayed) that I inform you I am indeed “pure” Indian. I can trace my Indian ancestry on both sides of the family. More so, I am a Hindu and my family traditionally votes PPP. My nani still tells everyone Jagdeo is a “good boy” and I am still her favourite grandchild even though I do not share her political views. My nana was a cane cutter and then rice farmer. If these things make me entitled to my Indian heritage then entitled I most certainly am.

Now that I’ve cleared up the issue of my “Indianness”, I come to the real reason I’ve abandoned my research to write. I am tired of social media trolls. I am tired of deleting hate filled comments and blocking fake profiles. But more than this, I am tired of the feeling I get when I see a friend request from someone with an Indian name. I am wary of Singhs and Persauds and Rooplalls and Bharrats and Ramcharrans and the likes.

I have been attacked on the premise that I am anti-government. These trolls with the Indian names pose as PPP supporters. Now, I am well aware of the fact that no political party can control the actions of its supporters. There will be unruly souls among any group. Further, it would be ridiculous to think that any sane political party would employ people to harass those it considered in opposition of its views.  I am also aware that these PPP trolls may have been created by idle opposition bodies with the aim of blackening the PPP’s spotless image.

Regardless of the origin of these social media trolls, the PPP should be concerned about their existence. All the trolls that have harassed me and acquaintances that are also viewed as anti-government have of course posed as PPP supporters. If unruly supporters are to be blamed for the trolling then maybe a sentence here or there discouraging trolling would help. If opposition bodies are to be blamed for the trolling then I’m sure the PPP government is capable of unearthing these groups.

But of course, trolling will be treated as a joke and some bright fool will call me ridiculous for advising the PPP to be concerned about the blackening of its image by this social phenomenon. I should also point out that I am yet to hear an openly pro-government individual complain about an APNU or AFC troll. I encourage my pro-government friends to share any such trolling experiences they’ve had.

I’m too busy to rant about trolling and too tired to do troll control. But more than these, I find it ridiculous that a coolie woman now friken fuh add coolie people pon Facebook. Plus, I can’t help but notice how the tribe and trolls have so much in common. One hides behind a mask of Indianness and the other behind a fake profile.

2 thoughts on “On Indianness and the PPP Trolls that prowl social media

  1. Through marriage, I have an anglicized form of an Indian surname and continue to use it with pride even after the dissolution of my marriage.

    The ‘trolls,’ false friends, will always walk among us: pebbles and boulders in our path forward. They test our resolve. They increase our alertness. They strengthen our steps.

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