Dear Mr. President – Uncle David – let me tell you about my life

Dear Uncle David,

I will only address you as Mr. President when we are in those overly formal situations which demand it. Outside of that formality, you will be Uncle David to me because you are family and I hope that by holding you so close to my heart; it will encourage you to keep me close to yours.

I know for certain that I have faith in you and one or two of your soldiers. I recognize that at this point in Guyana’s history a government led by you is the best choice for our nation moving forward. But I don’t think many Guyanese realize just why this was so necessary. It is necessary because it is the first step in changing the political tradition which has ripped our nation limb from limb.

Tonight, I expected to be happy now that you’ve been sworn in but instead I find myself in a kind of pain for which I am still too young to describe with just the right words. Tonight, Uncle David, I am in tears and I look at my family and I look at the walls of my home and I feel as if I am alone here and as if I am homeless.

Many of us have said much about what one Government or the other has done to Guyana. But most of our stories seek only to cast blame on one side or the other. But me, I am lucky that I can see the bigger picture; I see that it isn’t one side or the other but it is the entire system and tradition of politics which have been responsible for our state.

Let me tell you about my life, Uncle David; let me tell you about what our country’s tradition of politics has taken from me. It has taken my mother’s peace and replaced it with a fear so heavy that it drags her into deep, dark places where even I cannot reach her. It has taken my Nani’s good sense and replaced it with a loyalty to men and women who will never love her. It has taken my family from me, Uncle David, and replaced them with strangers who look at me across our kitchen table with anger in their eyes.

I have looked steadily back at them and done my best to calm their fears while dealing with my own. I told Nani to remember that the greatest wars in our Hindu scriptures were fought within families to rid the world of evil. I have told her that it is her own wayward family that has blinded her so and that love is no excuse for tolerating things which are wrong. I am not sure she could really hear me. Even the woman I have loved best in my life; even she has been taken from me.

This week I walked through my village to shouts of “we done with dem coolie skunt” and “yuh coolie crass, we gon tek back everything now”. These words will hurt me for years to come but hurt is all I will feel. I will not feel anger or bitterness or the need to retaliate because I know that this is the legacy of our political tradition. So you see Uncle David, I have inherited the hate and anger that is directed to that last batch of politicians for their infamous deeds. And this is yet another thing politics has taken from me Uncle David, it has taken my face and turned it into an icon which represents one section of the elitist group of rulers who have ruined our nation in the only twisted sort of unity of which they were capable.

The things I feel today, I am certain that many Guyanese have felt them to some degree in their lives. But how many have been able to resist the anger that comes from that sort of pain? How many have been able to keep their fear in check so that it did not manifest into hate? I am afraid of the answer, Uncle David, very afraid. This is not what our people deserve.

I chose to tell you these things today because I am certain that even as you go through the necessary social rituals you are well aware of how serious our situation is and just how difficult the road ahead will be. I want you to remember my words and keep in mind that every day we spend not bridging the divide is one more day of misery for me and you and all of us.

Go with our blessings.

Without Wax,


18 thoughts on “Dear Mr. President – Uncle David – let me tell you about my life

  1. Dear Sara, I have been following you blog for a while. I salute you for your courage, your eloquence and your commitment. Keep writing, keep holding the mirror up to us to see our selves. .

    1. You are not alone in this I think the President himself is hurting hence his passion for unity.
      We must all take responsibility for the journey we now have to take and release our President so he may focus on carving the way for unity in Guyana.

  2. I feel your pain. All races are pained because of the abuse that has been heaped on us one way or another.
    Thank u for expressing that pain , this will at least relieve some of it. There are many other there who cannot even articulate that pain, much less express it in writing.
    But be comforted that persons who inflict pain are experiencing pain. We all need to comfort each other in our own little way and every moment of the day.

  3. Dear Brother or Sister we are one in the eyes of God he died for all of us and he loves us the same as long as we commit our life into his hand he is able and willing to keep us I feel your pain but there will be a restoration in our dear land there will be abundance in every area of our live for all of us we denounce the spirit of poverty and fear. God is healing our land

    1. I cannot say i am surprised at such utterances particularly since some have not known any better way and have not allowed themselves to unlearn the ill Legacy handed to them or rather us. I feel your pain even though i can be considered Mixed and i know there are many more who can express same, however we must all be proud of who and what we are needless to say what we believe. Some of us will always be sacrificed for the good of all. hence we must be comforted by the Mahatma Gandhi way of thinking – our choices are to create and bring about unity for generations to come and our children children hence correcting this phantom idea that we are so different. Remember for nothing good comes easy but when it comes the harder way more lessons are learned. I say all of this to say Love, Respect and Tolerance are our watch words and keep loving harder even your family and neighbors who can not understand the position folks like us take. This too will pass, and time heals, keep praying and let us not feel guilty for our choices. All will benefit in time to come in a meaningful way.

      1. You are not alone in this I think the President himself is hurting hence his passion for unity.
        We must all take responsibility for the journey we now have to take and release our President so he may focus on carving the way for unity in Guyana.
        I also have to hear “black man this,black man that”, but I know s new day is coming hope for Guyans ” One people ,one Nation,One destiny!

  4. Hi sister, I applaud you for your courageous look at the big picture and the sacrifices you took on behalf of a new twist to traditional politics in Guyana. I’m not sure if HE David will see your writing but having read many blogs, shared many feelings, opinions and comments, one thing I have to agree on and it’s the vast number of Guyanese want a better tomorrow and regardless of who they voted for. Many endured similar pains in 1992, not to lessen your experience but to highlight that we as a people, regardless, has suffered for 50 years under the racially dividing politics deliberately chosen by some and consuming others. For once, the majority is preaching peace and speaking out against those of us who utter hurtful words to our sisters and brothers, though in your village I reckon that those comments are directed to the administration of the previous government, I could be wrong as it may just be an emotional outburst as a result of freedom from the opposition to a promise of a brighter tomorrow for which I apologize. Guyanese deserve a better country and conditions, equal and fair treatment and a government for all, not for some or themselves. We did nothing for 50 years but prove that race based politics is destructive. Let us move forward, I can assure you that your Nani and family(across the table) can be assured that better will come as in my analysis, the new government recognises the need to work together in unity if they are ever to remain in power and that is the first step in holding a government accountable to the practices of democracy. Again I must apologize to all my fellow Guyanese who fear the future due to treats on the streets but in a week we will be a loving nation. It’s always up to the policies and examples of our leadership to set the trend for the nation to follow and in Uncle David and Moses I have that faith. We cannot afford to make another of the mistakes of the past 50 years, we have lost too many Guyanese to countries, when we should have been home developing our own. Development is not roads, water, schools and electricity, those are essential basics, we need policies to guide us and Canada is a great example of how government’s policies and long term planning has turned out a favourable country and very tolerant people. Acceptable behaviour is thought in schools, encouraged and practised in society. All the best to you and our Guyana, down with the race hating, bring on the love, we have a beautiful, culturally rich, resource rich nation to move forward and let’s not forget the underprivileged and poor. Let’s use all we have Guyanese or not, to transform Guyana to the El Dorado it should have been today.

    1. It’s obvious that the auhtor of the above comment is not fully awared of the history of Canada! Tho I appreciate his sharing concerns n pains with Ms Bharat, Canada still has a long way to go to come even with the atrocities with their native First People – The Amerindians. Inspite of all the mouth appologies by head of governments, the system is still killing Canadian first people in every way drastically!

      1. I wish to say .that unity is here ! I would like to ask our president. To keep pushing for unity an one day Guyanese would foget all racise . An does that speak it should be gale.
        We are one .power to the people

  5. I pray that Guyana will take a page from South Africa, especially from President Nelson Mandela, as all the peoples of Guyana unite and go forward. May God bless and preserve you all. I’m not Guyanese but I will be praying for you.

  6. Bharat as you tightly said the wounds inflicted by race politics are deep and long-lasting.How do you imagine every Black man in Guyana feels after that article invthe Chronicle which accused every black male of trying to rape Indian girls?The worse part was that President Ramotar endorsed the article and refused to apologise for it.This means that a PPP government thinks that All black men are rapists.So much pain.

    1. Regardless of this hurtful newspaper article aimed at black people my friend, it does not take away from the hurt Bharat feels. As a nation we need to stop pointing fingers back and fort and apologize when a wrong is being done, or at least be empathetic towards the emotions that individuals are experiencing as a result of this change in government. Let us encourage that we visualize a more united guyana, and remember that it starts with us.

  7. words beautifully put and passionately felt. It is indeed profound, I see you and I hear you sister. We I believe both understand the realities of the past and some of the present and future, but like many of us, regardless of our religion or race innately and truly want to be each other as countryman and want to live in a Guyana as brothers and sisters, to live just as Guyanese, but have allowed fear to lead us in the wrong direction. But in this new era let us realize we have nothing to fear but fear itself, and let us try something different, let us try LOVE for all of our brothers and sisters.

  8. Dear Sara,
    Beautifully written, simple and true. What I love most is that you bring before us from your own kitchen table before us the stark sad pain that we know too well – yet tempered with hope and will and vision for this new chapter in our history that we now need urgently to shape and weave together into a saner and clearer future for all Guyana. Keep your words strong and true, my sister and help guide the new generation forward.

  9. I’m so saddened by your pain and I thank you for being so articulate in relating it so we can have a glimpse into your world. We will Heal one person at a time. You choice to not retaliate is the first step in that direction. Thank you for being the bigger, stronger human in spite of your pain. The road ahead is a very hard one for those who understand the task ahead and it is prayer, trust in God and the determination that you will not contribute to the destruction of the fabric of our society that will take us through. One step at a time one day at a time. Thank you for sharing even though I don’t know you I feel close and would love to give you a hug.

  10. Guyana and Guyanese should follow in the footsteps of leaders like
    GHANDI + MANDELLA in peace and reconciliation of its two major races.
    Others will follow…….we are mostly sheep in the flock whose pastor must do a moses
    as per biblical history.

    Am optimistic for Guyana s future generations.😇

    Sir kamtan lord of cherin by appointment to HRH QE2 UKPLC

  11. Racism is for the illiterate. The ones who shout racial hate to another is just uneducated and needs education and if they are Christians they will not hate. Hateful remarks will not come from their lips. It is what comes out of a person’s lips that defiles them. I lived in Guyana for almost 36 years and there were so much hate and the low class did not think before they open their mouths. I am glad that I do not live in such a society and do not want ever to even go for a vacation for the rest of my life. I do not associate with people that have such hate. It make me wonder who is more evil _ ISIS or Guyanese illiterate low class people. I remember when my children were little a woman said she hates coolie people and wish she can kill them. They were so scared and asked me if they are coolie. Why should I want to associate with such fools. I have better to do with my precious life and I do not like to even read about this crap. It makes me sick. I do not associate with Guyanese and only a few I do occasionally talk to as they seem to have the same mentality and I have not time for such ignorance. Guyanese need Jesus Christ in their lives and He is the only One that can make a positive change.

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