Sovereignty *roar*

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A while back former Head of the Presidential Secretariat Dr. Roger Luncheon and I exchanged words about sovereignty. We disagreed on whether a certain US related matter was a threat to Guyana’s sovereignty.

These days when I read the news all I seem to see is “DEA” and “FBI” and “CIA” and I’ve seen a news article somewhere today about US-Guyana relations being “fantastic”.

I believe that good international relations are necessary and most certainly a good  thing. However, when it begins to look like our policies are becoming more dependent on external forces I do wonder about how that will affect us in the future.

(And no, this is not a jab at the Americans. Half my relatives are Americans these days and many of my closest friends have moved there. Plus my favourite YouTubers are Americans. I totally love Jessy and Jeana and the Hodge Twins kinda.)

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One thought on “Sovereignty *roar*

  1. Sara
    Welcome to GOL
    Am sure your concerns are shared by many GOL readers/writers.
    Big brother USA will always influence Guyanese policy
    makers economically/politically even religiously but
    doubt it “culturally”…..
    Its nice to have an “insider” expressing an opinion on GOL
    which has mostly a “diaspora” following….
    What is good about it is Cyril Bryan who founded GOL
    does not edit any comments before publication.
    Unlike main stream media or local daily rabble publications.

    Hope to read more from you in the future.


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