Road trip

Road trip

Tonight I went on a road trip with two strangers and the fruit of their loins. It’s one of the best things I’ve done in a while.

We went from inside the walls of an overpriced place that sells the sort of food Guyanese people don’t really like to ordering nice oily, salty chicken and chips from Royal Castle. Of course, it came with that awesome green pepper and the right kind of bad drive-through service.

I don’t often connect with people. And it isn’t because I don’t like people or because I prefer to live behind my screen. I don’t often connect with people because there are few of us who do what we do because of what we believe. For most of us, money comes before belief and vision.

I suppose if I’d been more concerned with making money and less concerned about always working where I have a chance to contribute to the things I believe in then I’d have had a better day. I wouldn’t have spent my morning stressing about the money I keep losing to state mechanisms.

Tonight, I found two strangers who aren’t afraid to call a dinosaur, a dinosaur and I listened to their dreams. The thing is, when you really listen to people – listen to them and not just tolerate their words – you discover an endless source of brilliant possibilities that you never imagined could exist here.

And now, having met those strangers, I’m standing on my verandah looking up at the bottomless black sky and dreaming of dreams that can happen nowhere else but here.

I hope that one day dinosaurs will learn to dream too because when they do, things will never look the same. They’ll look at the stars and see endless galaxies full of possibilities and the things great ideas are made of.

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6 thoughts on “Road trip

  1. Is it wrong that I only came away thinking about that awesome green paper? Food I miss aside, this was a beautiful post. Not enough people still look at the stars, and see dreams.

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