The Best Minister in the Coalition Government

Junior Minister of Natural Resoures Simona Broomes/ Guyana Time image
Junior Minister of Natural Resoures Simona Broomes/ Dwayne Hackett photo

Getting into politics in Guyana has always meant aligning yourself with one or the other major political parties and becoming branded. Too often, people with good intentions have entered politics and lost their individuality because the party image and baggage eats them up.

I believe that maintaining your individuality and always acting in favour of your personal beliefs is one of the most difficult things to do for someone who has entered public office through party politics. This is why I admire Simona Broomes, junior Minister of Natural Resources. Her voice is clear, she continues to be passionate about her beliefs and she does not hesitate to voice them.

It is because of her honesty and no nonsense attitude that many people are fast becoming supporters of Broomes. I hope that her call for police to “lock-up” and “charge” bar owners and parents who traffic young girls will be heeded and I trust that she will do her best to see that it translates into action.

Even if you don’t agree with most of what the Coalition government has done so far you can’t help but respect Simona Broomes. Progress is all about action and not about taking sides. I only hope that Broomes’ image and refreshing honesty remain untouched by the more sinister characters around her.

Blessings to Broomes the Best! (I couldn’t resist the alliteration, lol)

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One thought on “The Best Minister in the Coalition Government

  1. In politricks as in business decisions are necessary on popular and sometimes
    unpopular issues. With party politricks one has to decide whether to put party
    first or resign. In business similar.
    However in politics its what you believe is just and fair.
    In business its what will benefit the company….profit etc
    In politics you can become “independent”…vote with your conscience.
    In business you either resign or be sacked… independence.
    Take your pick.
    Interesting article on Simona Brooms…..which party is she member of and
    why “Junior” Minister of natural resources ?
    Would love to read more on her political affiliations etc etc

    Its nice to see new faces in politics in Guyana especially ones with integrity.
    Openness and transparency ….with anti corruption top of the political agenda
    is a necessary measure if Guyana is to move forward.
    Where “stealing” or “thieving” is considered “smart” “clever.
    A country that has become endemicly corrupt in the past 5 decades
    since independence……its an uphill struggle but battle that must be fought
    if war on corruption is to be won.
    As optimistic for next generations of Guyanese.
    Member of a lost generation in the diaspora.

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