CARIEXIT – A Guyanese Start to A Free And Sovereign Nation

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As a true Guyanese patriot, we should not allow people who live outside of Guyana to be ridiculing the sovereignty of this Great Island. People whose only interest came into being on the glorious day we found oil. For foreigners who consider themselves “Guyanese”  but who are still holders of their foreign visas and citizenship – they should also not speak about Guyana since they are no longer citizens that live here, they no longer pay taxes nor do the decisions of the island’s leaders affect them in any way since they have abandoned their homeland.

In moving forward, we islanders should start preparing to be a solely self-sufficient nation. This is what our fore-parents fought for generations ago; for us to be a free & independent nation and for us to self-govern without foreign interference. In response to these countries’ interference, we the oil-producing nation of Guyana should start boycotting products and start supporting our industries. Two of the most common sectors we should start with are:

  1. The simplest start is boycotting the Educational system of the Caribbean Community. As thousands of our children are set to write CXC&CAPE we should keep our children home since writing these exams only further embed the teaching of these foreign lands. Guyana should start developing its teaching curriculum to cater to our needs since we do not have to depend on any country to be educated. To take it a step further, persons who already have certificates that allow them to gain employment in these 15 countries should discard them up since they would no longer be needed in the future. #CARIEXIT. The island’s educational system should cater to the people of Guyana. The University of the West Indies, as the name suggests is for West Indians; Guyana is not part of that and has its university. Guyana as a whole does not need to depend on these foreign bodies to be able to formally educate the minds of the future generation since this country has brilliant people.
  2. Secondly, we need to target the Import/Export market of the United States of America, Canada, and CARICOM. The island of Guyana is world renown for being the breadbasket of the Caribbean and Western hemispheres but this needs to stop. What is happening currently can only be attributed to the proverb of biting the hands that feed it. These countries heavily rely on Guyanese products for their daily survival such as the rice of the Essequibo to the sugar of the Corentyne. According to recent data, 50% of Guyana’s export goes to these countries (CAD 26%, USA 15%, CARICOM 10 %), products that we as Guyanese can use and utilize for ourselves instead of giving it away for little to nothing just so that these foreign counties can survive. Furthermore, we need to stop importing their products 78% of all imports come from these countries (USA 57%, CARICOM 21%) that continue to interfere in Guyana’s sovereignty. As such, we should invest this money into our local manufacturing and production facilities.

It is about time Guyana took a stance against these international bodies and not be bullied since we are the ones who are in control of our sovereignty. Long Live the Island of  Guyana, the land of the Free.


Ravin Clean



The views expressed by this author are solely their own and not the representation of any organization they represent or might be associated with.

The aim of this piece was to provide commentary on the current political situation in Guyana with the use of satire

Satire is the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.

As I am an aspiring satirist, I hoped you enjoyed!

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