Every relationship is a life lesson

[3-minute read]

I remember the day I first heard you. It meant nothing. You were one more loud voice in a chorus that didn’t really interest me. I also remember the day I first saw you, really saw you. You were a lone, sad tree reaching for the sky. It was that moment which led to this one right here. But it wasn’t you I really saw that day. I just saw some of me in you.

How could we create anything but chaos? You were afraid of the things you wanted, and I wanted the things I was afraid not to want. Every relationship teaches us fundamental things about who we are, and what we truly desire. If we have the courage to learn from them then what we get is an opportunity to evolve into a better version of ourselves. I hope you realize this now.

In more than 7 years, here are the biggest lessons our chaos has taught me:

  1. I am capable of the kind of love which exists outside of time and space. I am grateful that I can experience such depth and purity of feeling this early in life.
  2. Pain equals growth. The only way out of pain is through it. Why? Because there is a lesson buried in there which we absolutely must learn.
  3. I once dreamt of a traditional sort of love that produces the usual things society expects of us. How could I have ever thought that I would be satisfied by just that? Oh no, humans like me burn with a fire deep inside and the only thing which truly brings satisfaction is being able to serve the world in a meaningful way.
  4. I value friendship built on a genuine connection much more than romantic relationships.
  5. A good life, a successful life is built on the things we believe to be valuable. For me, family, friends I consider part of my extended family, and service to my country are quite enough.
  6. We must believe in our own worth and ability to create a reality based on our wildest dreams. It’s how humans have transformed the world for ages.
  7. Forgiving is hard sometimes, but it keeps us grounded in our humanity. We don’t forgive other people really. We just make peace with our wounds.

I forgive you. I am grateful to you. I have found me. Thank you.

❤ Sara

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