Know this… and nothing in this world will ever dim your light again

Today, my heart broke and I lost count of how many times it has been. For the first time, I did it myself. I tore it apart gently, bit by bit until there was nothing left to rip, to shred, to force change with. I set my jaw, chased away the storm in my eyes and I let the pain drown itself in the endless ocean of my soul. If this is not power in its purest state, then tell me, what is?

Life was not meant to be easy. At best, an easy life is somewhat unnatural, bland, boring, devoid of life’s greatest passions. Living is not merely the act of being alive. To experience the beauty of existence, you must learn the art of dancing wildly atop life’s highest peaks even as you softly embrace her deepest, darkest valleys. There is value in both and somewhere in between joy waits patiently.

Too many of us imagine far too often that there is unbearable pain in this world which can break our spirit and fill our hearts with fear. Such a pain does not truly exist. Every hurt, no matter how dark or vile, no matter how terrible it feels, is no match for the epitome of who we are. One day you will know this deep within yourself, and nothing in this world will ever dim your light again.

❤ Sara

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