The Art of Goodbye

Some people are like the wind and sky, meant to stay as long as life graces this body that we’ve made home. Some people are like seasons, meant to offer moments of comfort or lessons when we most need them, before fading into the memories which flash before our eyes as we bid this world farewell.

Every now and then we fail to tell the difference between the two and a season slips into the parts of us we thought could no longer be filled – such a glorious tragedy, my friend. I have had several seasons seep into my heart, my soul and match the rhythm of my music. There is no feeling, no pleasure greater than this. And like all things which exist in time, these seasons must end.

When it is time to go, some seasons fade gently into the next and some unleash a final whirlwind of madness that dashes through our being, unsettling all the nicely settled things. In their wake, they leave us raw, different, new, and able to feel things we never could before. And after several seasons, we become masters and mistresses in the art of goodbye.

But though I’ve said goodbye many times now and though I’ve perhaps mastered it more than most – there has never been one like this. How could there have been? There’s never been one like you. No, not a single soul has spoken to mine of space, of beauty, of love like yours. And this is why, I must let you go like a leaf, gently carried on the wind, high into the sky towards the things which are meant to stay for a lifetime.

❤ Sara

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