Road trip

Tonight I went on a road trip with two strangers and the fruit of their loins. It’s one of the best things I’ve done in a while. We went from inside the walls of an overpriced place that sells the sort of food Guyanese people don’t really like to ordering nice oily, salty chicken and chips from Royal Castle. Of course, it came with that … Continue reading Road trip

Sovereignty *roar*

A while back former Head of the Presidential Secretariat Dr. Roger Luncheon and I exchanged words about sovereignty. We disagreed on whether a certain US related matter was a threat to Guyana’s sovereignty. These days when I read the news all I seem to see is “DEA” and “FBI” and “CIA” and I’ve seen a news article somewhere today about US-Guyana relations being “fantastic”. I believe … Continue reading Sovereignty *roar*

Restoring Faith – Police and Civilian Relations

No matter how much any Government tries to address the short-comings of any institution, there will always be flaws, the public will always be upset about something and governments will always be blamed. However, this does not excuse policy-makers from addressing existing problems but creates more pressure for them to do so. Right now, my younger brother is shackled by the ankle to our cousin … Continue reading Restoring Faith – Police and Civilian Relations