Three into One definitely Can’t Go or Can it?

(Now that the non-Guyanese are discussing Guyaneseness, I think it’s necessary to take this article out of storage.) March 31, 2015 “I do not know if I am East Indian, Trinidadian or West Indian.” Sam Selvon, Opening Address to East Indians in the Caribbean Conference, University of the West Indies, Trinidad, 1979 While in the beginning I have not been overly concerned with being West … Continue reading Three into One definitely Can’t Go or Can it?

Roots – This hard, unrelenting thing

Somewhere in our backyard, I’m sure the roots of the old neem tree still plunge into the earth refusing to let go. The past is exactly like that, entwined with our being, adding to the equation which makes us who we are. Deepavali has always been a routine thing in my home. Every now and then a stranger joins us but they never manage to … Continue reading Roots – This hard, unrelenting thing

“She has witnessed…”

Is it really pinker than usual? Old, weathered, beaten, the golden apple tree stands in my backyard. Her leaves dance in the morning breeze like singing kites in the Easter sky. Grey clouds hustle across the clear blue but still the sun fights to make my world a place of vivid greens, yellows and splashes of pink. The bougainvillea is a beacon of pink brightness. … Continue reading “She has witnessed…”