Stop run ya man’s phone, email and facebook!

Trust is not a one way thing. It’s ironic that people ask me for relationship advice. You’d think I’m some very experienced woman with enough ruined relationships to serve as a sort of guru. I’m not. Every time a woman in particular asks me for advice the conversation ends one way. She’s depressed and angry by the end of it and usually writes me off … Continue reading Stop run ya man’s phone, email and facebook!

Dear Man-Who-Works-With-Hands

Dear Man-Who-Works-With-Hands: Life only gets harder and time is a wench who tricks us into believing that things will be different as we grow older. The harder we try to avoid certain outcomes, the more certain is our arrival at that destination. So what’s the secret to happiness? I’ve found that happiness is as easy as what we choose. Like right now, I’ve chosen to … Continue reading Dear Man-Who-Works-With-Hands