Dear Nana

This poem was first performed on March 25, 2014 at the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport’s World Poetry Day 2014 event – An Evening of International, Regional and Guyanese Poetry. I dedicated the first performance to Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport Dr. Frank Anthony. The poem itself is dedicated to my nana, those Guyanese of Indian heritage who have had their hearts broken, … Continue reading Dear Nana

Amerindians – The “Othered” People of Guyana

Leeland Clarkian is an Amerindian elder native to St. Cuthbert’s Mission. He has done much work in educating Amerindians and creating awareness of their culture. On January 24, 2014 I visited St. Cuthbert’s Mission where I met Clarkian for the first time. We spoke of his life, his decision to return to his village, the fate of the Arawakian language and the “othered” state of … Continue reading Amerindians – The “Othered” People of Guyana

“I swear this dude has magic”

When I was younger, if there were some sort of title for “World’s Worst Big Sister” I’m sure I would have gotten it. I guess it’s why I try so hard to be nice to my little brother these days. Over the years he went from the cute-little-annoying bug to being the big-tall-larger-than-life-awesomemest-dude-alive. When he was 3 going on 4, he followed me about the … Continue reading “I swear this dude has magic”