Stop run ya man’s phone, email and facebook!

Trust is not a one way thing. It’s ironic that people ask me for relationship advice. You’d think I’m some very experienced woman with enough ruined relationships to serve as a sort of guru. I’m not. Every time a woman in particular asks me for advice the conversation ends one way. She’s depressed and angry by the end of it and usually writes me off … Continue reading Stop run ya man’s phone, email and facebook!

Darwin’s Theory of Sexual Selection

Snapshot of my screen Sweat slides steadily down my back as I sit cross legged on my hot, hot sheets. It’s a sweltering afternoon here at Craig Old Road and I’m neck deep in notes on Darwin’s Theory of Sexual Selection. Just when I’m thinking my afternoon can’t get any hotter GPL blesses me with blackout. Ah yes, life in the country. Anyway, what am … Continue reading Darwin’s Theory of Sexual Selection

The Berbice Experience

Beauty, it’s something we all appreciate and something most of us Guyanese are willing to travel 1000s of miles in search of. But beauty, it’s right here in Guyana too and it isn’t very far away from the former Garden City. It’s some time around 6am on a Saturday and I’m sitting in one of our infamous minibuses headed to Georgetown. It’s the first leg … Continue reading The Berbice Experience