Day Time Madness in Dreams

Twin globes of soft, golden light. Two suns in a sky kissing gentle Atlantic waves. The epitome of heavenly. The essence of peace. Or maybe, just day time madness in dreams. But then my greedy eyes reached for the sky again and beheld a moon and sun, separated by space, connected by space, sharing space. Apart and together all at once. And you were there … Continue reading Day Time Madness in Dreams

Roots – This hard, unrelenting thing

Somewhere in our backyard, I’m sure the roots of the old neem tree still plunge into the earth refusing to let go. The past is exactly like that, entwined with our being, adding to the equation which makes us who we are. Deepavali has always been a routine thing in my home. Every now and then a stranger joins us but they never manage to … Continue reading Roots – This hard, unrelenting thing

Dear Man-Who-Works-With-Hands

Dear Man-Who-Works-With-Hands: Life only gets harder and time is a wench who tricks us into believing that things will be different as we grow older. The harder we try to avoid certain outcomes, the more certain is our arrival at that destination. So what’s the secret to happiness? I’ve found that happiness is as easy as what we choose. Like right now, I’ve chosen to … Continue reading Dear Man-Who-Works-With-Hands