Group Accused of Discrimination Against LGBT Students

LGBT students who attend the University of Guyana (Berbice or Turkeyen) are reportedly being discriminated against by a certain student group.

Several reports from students have all alleged that the student group, while in informal settings, has been advising them to vote based on sexual orientation. It is alleged that the group is discouraging persons from voting for other student groups with LGBT members.

Discrimination is a crime against humanity; an inhumane act which bespeaks a lack of honour and integrity. How can UG students trust a group which encourages such discrimination? Clearly, this group is incapable of representing all students.

Homophobia is already a serious enough issue and should not be encouraged by anyone in any manner. It takes great courage and honour to speak out against this sickness. So stand up, speak out against homophobia, be a revolutionary!

Sharing a quick moment with you while I’m on the go.

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