The ‘Why’ behind my blogging

Guyanese storiesFor most of my blogging career, I’ve written about Guyanese politics in relation to race and ethnic identity. But what many people don’t know is why I started blogging. All my life I’ve been obsessed with telling stories and I began blogging because I believe that our stories are spectacular stories that can’t be found anywhere else.

I mean, yeah, you may take a boat from Vreed-en-hoop to Georgetown everyday and then back again. You probably sit in the boat smelling the salt water, feeling a few cold splashes on your skin and seeing the soft golden light of sunrise or the colourful sunset. And I know you feel that it’s all part of your mundane existence.

But hey, trust me, there’s nothing mundane about what you’re experiencing. The things you see and feel and the memories you make of them are things that other people in the world will never experience in quite the same way. So the next time you’re in that boat, on that bus, in that market, stop, take a breath and look around you. And see. See the beauty, the quaintness, see what only you can see.

And this is exactly why I write and why I blog. It’s not because I’m good at it or good with words. I write because I want to teach people to see themselves beyond the noise, to value their own unique experiences, to embrace their identities and to know that it’s okay to feel passion, to express it and let it fuel your work.

A lot of my articles have been primarily emotive or have had emotive undertones. You see, I believe in rationalism but I also know that being able to think is not the only thing which is responsible for making us human. It is both our ability to think and to feel which makes us human.

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