About Sara

Sara Bharrat is a Democracy & Governance professional and communication consultant. She has over ten years of experience in media and communication and over 7 years of civil society service.

She has served as the Vice President of Transparency Institute of Guyana Inc. (Transparency International), supported the initial set-up of the Electoral Reform Group and has been recognized for her writings on race, identity and politics in Guyana.

Currently, Sara is reading for her Master’s in Electoral Policy and Administration (MEPA) and is committed to learning about electoral reform processes and frameworks.

In 2013, Sara started her personal blog #withoutwax to share her experiences of growing up and living in a politically polarized country. She has also published articles by young Guyanese.

19 thoughts on “About Sara

  1. I’m a “little” older, and I do remember both men. I never saw either in the flesh, so I too learned the stories. And it’s curious how only the caricatures of both stayed with me. I look forward to reading more of your observations, Thanks!

  2. Hi Sara, I am so proud of you!! I am Sis. Veda — was involved in CEF– if you can remember. I am just about writing a conclusion for a research on a multi sector approach to curbing corruption. My mind wandered a bit and here I am in your virtual space! Keep going! Will check you out again soon!

  3. Just admire your prose, guts and confidence! Keep at it. Many of us cannot put them all together like this. Will be following your blogs! Proud of you!

    1. Thanks Zarena, I’m glad my words could touch you. When I don’t feel like writing, I’ll remind myself of your words here.

  4. Hey Sara,
    Hope all is Well. I’ve stumbled on your blog looking for payment systems to Guyana and found eloquence( or type of Grace) in the way you write. Loved it all so keep in coming :). I saw you held many portfolios as well very impressive and interesting.I believe you may be a good fit for feedback on solutions to shape small mind(Kids/teen) in Guyana: through reading, coaching, PR etc.

    I’m Guyanese,by the way, and believe people are good at improvising(Guyanese especially) things(in action),but are infested with a level of cognitive bias(Mental) that limits their progress in general. Rooting out such bias helps from expanded reading and coaching to which i see you making a positive contribution.

    Have you ever thought of this? More so is your blog focus mostly on general topics of Guyana?

    Also what are some ‘good reads’ you recommend;ones that has best shaped you as a person growing up in Guyana.. Thanks you:)

    Best Regards

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