The Breasts which caught my eyes today…

It’s a massively hot afternoon in Georgetown, Guyana. The Stabroek Market area is busier than usual. Today is the last day of school and the opening of Building Expo 2013.

School children of all colours, shapes, sizes and attitudes are gathered around Demico. Whether they’re waiting on the latest boom-boom bus, drinking beer or waiting on man, I don’t know. I’ve been out of high school too long to know what the trend is these days.

People who use the East Bank Highway are hurrying to beat the Building Expo traffic. I’m among them. As I scurry along my eyes suddenly fall upon a pair of breasts. I love what I see.

By the time I make my decision, the woman who owns these breasts is already a couple steps away. I turn back and run after her.

Me: excuse me. Good afternoon. I love what’s written across your breasts.

Woman: wa?

Me: (smile) I love your t-shirt. Can I have a picture of it?

Woman: oh yes, yes. Everybody likes it.

The Breasts

The Breasts

Sharing a quick moment with you while I’m on the go.

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